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I'm Inga

An entrepreneur, life & business coach, podcast host, life-long learner & true optimist dedicated to helping you create the business & life you love. 
Obsessed with: espresso, dogs, neuroscience, human potential, travel, all things business, and digital marketing. 

I didn't always have this business:
the clients, the podcast, the confidence, or the "how to" manual. 

For as long as I remember, I had big dreams, big ideas and I always wanted more. But those around me were telling me it was not possible. When I looked at people who were giving me advice, their life was NOT a reflection of the life I wanted to live. That's when I decided to STOP listening to those people and STARTED looking for answers on how to create the life I WANT TO LIVE. 

I started reading books about personal development, psychology, business, marketing. I was that awkward 19-year-old girl at personal development seminars, that girl who felt completly out-of place sitting next to 40-50 year-old business men wearing full suits at the business and digital marketing events. 

Very quickly I realized, that what I thought about myself and what I believed was possible for me has a far bigger impact on my life, bank account, relationships, fulfillment, and happiness than I actually thought. 

Looking back, it was such a pivotal moment for me as this one thought has changed my life. 

That's when I started questioning why I believed certain "life-truths" and started to see big shifts in my life each time a limiting belief was busted. I knew I was onto something great. 

And this led me to...


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Starting my first online business at 21, helping leading dog breeders in North & Central Europe to market, sell & transport their puppies abroad. Within a few months, I was profitable and appeared on a National Broadcasting Channel as a Dog Expert.

Moving from Lithuania to Santorini, Greece. Where I became completely mesmerized by its beauty, transformed into a beautiful woman, and gave myself permission to follow my dreams: experience life in different countries and figure out the way how to build a virtual company that helps people create life THEY want to live. So I did, I lived & worked in Ibiza, Spain, Florence & Napoli, Italy, and for the past 6 years, I've lived in London. 

Becoming a certified life coach. After I realized that I was coaching myself and everyone around me for years without knowing I was doing it, I knew I had a gift in me. In 2016 I signed up with the UK's leading school The Coaching Academy to learn everything I can to become a pro and gain the skill of Personal Performance Coaching. 

At 30, becoming a co-owner of Salon Evolution Group, a business development & marketing company for high-end luxury salons in the UK. There I ran all the back-end operations (the fun stuff): data & money processing, digital marketing, tech, and everything else a business needs to operate. So I know the taste of what it actually means to run a 6 digit business and have a team of 15.

Launching the IP Coaching and starting The Mindset School Podcast in 2020.

And this brings me to you

I am here to help you create the life & business you love. 

And I know success does not happen by accident (or overnight). I know that to grow a business, you must grow the person running it. And if you want to grow on a professional level, you first must grow on a personal level. It all starts with you and within you. It requires busting the beliefs you hold about yourself, adopting new habits, learning new skills, and molding yourself into the person you want & need to be to create the life & business you love. 

Whether you are looking to make changes in your personal life, start or grow a business, I am here to help. 

The fact that you are here means you are asking more of yourself and you are fully ready to take the next step. Whether you are looking to create a change in your personal life, start or grow a business, I am here to provide you with one-on-one coaching. Click here to learn how you can work with me. 

My commitment is to bring my very best, share all my personal and business success secrets, continuously evolve, and provide you with practical tools, valuable training, and life-changing sessions.

Do not expect sugar-coated material, I like to keep it honest, real, and straightforward. I also do not like drama or "fluff". But do expect thought-provoking ideas, a 30,000-foot view on your life & business, tried & tested strategies, science backed-up tools, lots of digital tech training (because you need to master digital tech to get your business out there), and me being your biggest cheerleader (with some tough-love when needed).

If you read this far, thank you! I hope this is the beginning of your relationship. I would love to stay connected. The best way to do that is to become an IP Inner Circle subscriber! Click here to enter your name and email to receive weekly insights about life & business directly from me. 

I am also on Instagram and Facebook too! Make sure to connect with me there for a daily feel-good feed. Don't forget to check out my free resources to get you started right away. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Speak soon,


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