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Success Stories

I believe your mind is your greatest asset and you have more power than you think to create ANYTHING you want. 

Kristi B. - Life Coach

Through working with Inga, I have been able to get my coaching business up and running! I now have all of the necessary digital infrastructures in place and I feel confident with moving forwards with this. Not only this, but I have been able to start shifting my mindset so that it supports me in creating the business and future that I desire for myself. Inga is incredibly talented at uncovering hidden limiting beliefs and helping you to shift them. After having completed 7 sessions with her, I now feel more equipped than ever to build my business, both strategically and mentally. Through the process, I was provided with unconditional support and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. If you're looking to set up your own business but have no idea where to start, Inga is definitely the person to go to!

Nathalie V. - Creative Director & Salon Manager

I really loved to work with Inga, sessions were easy going, friendly and relaxed while remaining professional. She helped stay on track achieving my goals and in a short time my life improved. After completing the sessions I feel more confident in my ability to move forward.

Julie B. - Procurement Manager & Wine Expert

Inga helped me identify short & long term goals as well as the behaviour I wanted to change. Thanks to various exercises and techniques, I became more self-aware, more self-confident and, ultimately, I stopped denying the leadership that I have in me. As a result, I finally passed my driving licence exam (one of my short term goals) and took actions to better define the shape and form of the wine business I wanted to develop. And now I am building it. Not to mention, that every day I surprise myself by seeing the positives in all situations.

Ruta N. -  Videographer / Copywriter

Inga has most certainly changed my life. I have been through all sorts of therapy, self-development and read countless books on the topic. Nothing so far has been as transformational and as effective as our sessions with Inga. She is insightful, compassionate and finds the right way to approach the areas we work on. She tackles things with curiosity, passion and competence that has impressed me throughout our work so far. Our conversations, her tips, assignments and ideas have really made a difference in the areas that I have decided to work on. I have complete confidence in her and look forward to every one of our sessions. She truly is a spark of joy and hope in my heart, and a wonderful mentor and a friend I know I can rely on in all my future development plans!

Arnoldas B. - Trader

The sessions have far exceeded my expectations and I had by far larger impact than I have anticipated before staring the sessions. The focus of the sessions has been on finding the right balance between work and my personal life. I was really impressed by how Inga managed to provoke my thought process and helped me to find all the answers myself, which I was able to implement right away. 

Raquel M. - Photographer

Since I started coaching sessions with Inga, my life flipped completely. I've found a new job, I feel confident, empowered and powerful enough to  achieve whatever goal I set for myself. She helped me when I struggled, making the right questions to make me think and find the answers. I've learned how to focus and set priorities, how to think outside the box. 

Create Your Life

Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn't settle for it. 

- Mandy Hale -

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