How To Update Your Mindset

Feb 05, 2020
Inga Pakalniskyte talking about how to update your mindset

Isn't it curious that we all know how to update our smartphones, but so many of us never think of updating our own internal operating systems; the mind and the brain?

Once the new system update or app update is available, a notification pops up automatically on your screen. Just with one light touch and a few moments later, the whole operating system has been updated and your phone works a little better than before. As technology evolves, the operating system must catch up.

Common sense, right?

It seems we have forgotten that a human brain, your brain, is the most powerful and complex internal operating system on the planet. No doubt. But it seems we have failed to perform consistent internal operating system updates on our ourselves. Did you know that by the age of 7 we have built the majority of our beliefs about relationships, money, health, career and what is possible for us?

It is very possible your internal operating system is still based on beliefs and worldview you have observed and installed from your parents, grandparents and your immediate environment. We are wired to learn from our parents and elders, as this is the only way we gain the skills and tools to survive. Let’s not forget, we have evolved into intelligent creatures we are today, but the primal brain is still there. 




When was the last time you updated your internal software? 


Answer this quick: when was the last time you looked at your beliefs about money, relationships, career, friendships? When was the last time you asked yourself: “What do I believe is possible for me?” If you are scratching your chin right now, the answer is: a very long time ago. 

Your internal operating system is built from the beliefs you have about yourself and the world. Your habits are like apps that operate based on the main system. If you are looking to install a new app, a new habit, and your internal operating system doesn’t support that, you will have a hard time to install this app. Remember that time you said to yourself: “Tomorrow I will start waking up at 5:00 am”, or “Tomorrow, I’ll start working out”? You had the best intentions, but it simply did not happen. That self-chat in your mind tripped you up. 


Most of us live our lives with outdated internal software that no longer supports us in our careers, relationships and life in general. Yet we wonder why it is so difficult to create the life we truly want. When we look at people who are crushing in their business, career, relationship, finances, fitness, it seems that they came to this work with a pre-set luck or some sort of magic wand. The truth is the only thing that sets you and them apart is a set of beliefs and habits that support success. All of it is learned and you can update your beliefs and habits at any age. Scientific studies confirm that our brains remain neuroplastic throughout our lives. 

Understanding how the internal software is being uploaded to our brains, helps you to understand how to make a change and how to challenge yourself. 


Here are 4 easy steps to recognize you have outdated internal software:

  1. Notice the challenges and obstacles that keep popping up
  2. Become aware of your thoughts & write them down in your journal
  3. Ask yourself: “Where this thought comes from? Who said this to me?”
  4. Ask yourself: “When I think this thought, how does it make me feel? What actions do I take or don’t take when I feel like that? What are these actions created in my life?”


When you have answered all the questions, you must ask yourself:

"What do I need to think instead to create the results I truly want?"

Stick your new thought on your screensaver, your wall, your journal, your car so your eyes can see this new thought at all times. Repeat this process for a minimum of 21 consecutive days until it becomes an integrated part of your internal software.

With love,


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