How To Put Yourself First With Raquel Martos

May 19, 2020

Had enough of being a people pleaser and putting other people's needs first? Raquel Martos, a certified life coach, and my dear friend share her story of how putting yourself first can transform your life. 

Feeling exhausted, unhappy, even depressed can be the signs of chronic people pleasing. But where do you begin to start feeling happy? 

"Change can not happen if you don't prioritize it." - says Raquel. 

In today's episode, Raquel shares her transformation story and practical tips on how to stop being a people pleaser. 

You'll learn:

  • Why you should start putting yourself first
  • How to recognize the signs of people pleasing
  • What you can do today, to start putting yourself first. 
  • How to deal with guilt

If you have been putting other people's needs first, and you just don't know where to start, this episode is a must-watch for you. 



As Raquel says: "Feeling good is your job. Putting yourself first is your obligation."

Start prioritizing your needs first, as only then you can show up as the happiest and the best version of yourself for and foremost for yourself, and the people you most care about. 



With love,


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